Reference activity

1. “We have always relied on the sun and wind to meet seasonal needs fro lighting, heating and cooling. As a consequence, in just a few decades we have witnessed and exponential growth in the consumption of resources, production of pollution and waste.

Buildings that a shape by the sun and wind promote social and ecological values by revealing how our lives can be powered by renewable resources. A true architecture of the sun and wind, is beautiful and fosters health, well-being, and a connection to the local site and ecosystems” (Mary Guzowsky, Towards zero energy architecture, p.7)

So I choose these reference because it is about environmental and health and also how to save energy.

2. “The red color and the effect of depth were obtained by painting the brick and by applying a second skin made up of industrial glass panels. Both these devices make the rugby gleam from a distance, although it is structure, color and sheen can be perceived very differently depending on the climate, the season of the year, the time of day, and the position of the observer.” (A.Bahamoni, P. Perer, Mineral architecture, p.35)

There was a part of exhibition about color palette, Living with building Giles Round.

3. “The indoor environment is very important for human health, comfort and productivity. However, pollutant levels indoors are often higher than those outside. One of the major studies related to indoor air quality. conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency indicated that indoor air levels of many pollutants, maybe 2,5 times and occasionally more than 100 times higher, than outdoor levels. Health problems resulting from indoor air pollution have became one of the most acute environmental problems related to the built environment” (Annie R. Pearce, Young Han Ann and Hanmi Globa, Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure, p.5)

This is about humans health and air pollution, also it depends which kind of material we used foe buildings.


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